Suppress Plot output to ToolTip window and Title?


Is it possible to prevent a Plot function from being written to the ToolTip window and the Title?

FYI: I posted last year about a flashing ToolTip window. This is the problem. If you have so much data in a ToolTip window that the height of the window exceeds the screen, the ToolTip window will blink. You can stop your cursor at the very bottom of the window or the top and view the contents, but it will flash in the middle.


There is styleNoTitle to skip in title and styleNoLabel to skip label in Y-axis.
I am not using tooltip, as i refer the same data arranged in my format in Title.


If you want no title output at all then simply add

Title = "";

Another individual option to styleNoTitle is to not add plot name (2nd function argument) e.g.

Plot( C, "", colorDefault, styleBar );

To disable tooltip you may add

SetChartOptions( 0, chartShowDates | chartShowArrows | chartDisableTooltips );

In addition read manual about SetChartOptions