Switch beetween tickers with just keyboard


Is there a way to switch symbols in the chart panel on Amibroker using just the keyboard after turning the focus to another program and going back to Amibroker?

I always have to “click” with the mouse on the buttons bar and then type the ticker. I wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut to access that symbol box without the mouse.



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That depends how do you “go back”. In Windows only app that has input focus can receive keyboard input. But as long as you are using ALT-TAB for switch and you go back using ALT-TAB too, you can use F4 key to set focus to Symbol box.


Thanks Tomazs, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I am using Amibroker 32 bit version 6.20.1.

Once I am in the watchlist (symbols window - refer the attached image), I use up and down window to scroll through a number of tickers. In between use ALT+TAB to access other software programs. Once I return to Amibroker window using ALT+TAB, I have to use the mouse to manually click the ticker. Is there a keyboard shortcut that brings me back to the watchlist AND tickers in that watchlist using keyboard only?

Click is required because list lost its focus when you switched out of the program.
But next/previous symbol within category command is normally assigned to
Shift+Alt+Right Arrow
Shift+Alt+Left Arrow


AmiBroker keyboard shortcuts are customizable.