Symbol Link, Interval Link. Was: Multiple Time Frame Visualization


As per the attached image, I have 3 different default charts in the layout. One each of daily, weekly & monthly. I wish to make changes to all 3 in one go i.e. If I change the daily to a symbol, then weekly & monthly too change to the same symbol

I quote from:

You can link chart windows either by symbol and/or by time interval. To link chart windows use linking buttons located in the bottom of the chart window as shown in the picture below:



Thanks. The "Symbol Linking Button" did the trick

hellow, I have a query regarding interval linking. I have a loptop & monitor. I watch 30min chart on laptop & 2hour chart on monitor ie 4xtimes of laptop interval by lockin interval on monitor. If i change initreval on laptop, say, 1hr, the intreval on monitor should change automatically to 4xtimes ie 4hours. How do i can acieve this? Is this possible? Thanks in advance

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Well, theoretically you can do that, but it would be a problematic solution, so I don't recommend it - especially if one of your charts is in floating mode. The simplest solution would be changing interval manually and selecting Interval Lock. You can make this process faster by assigning a keyboard shortcut via Tools --> Customize --> Keyboard --> Category: Chart --> Lock Interval. As I understand your charts are already linked by Symbol.

@Tomasz has shown how to change interval programmatically using OLE automation:

I used this method in this example:

... but as I noticed both examples don't work properly when the chart is in floating mode - probably because of OLE properties.

@Tomasz in the thread below, you wrote "What I can do is to give access to that floating window from OLE and then you will be able to call ExportImage on it". Are you still planning on implementing it? I'm sure some users would find it useful - for example me :slight_smile: Thank you.