Symbol Translation Problem

I am using IB real time data, I want to merge the IB data with Yahoo Historical data via Amiquote.
So I try to use the function of Symbol Translation Table to Auto Merge the data of IB and the import data from Yahoo but it doesn't work.

Yahoo Symbol for 388 stock : 0388.HK
IB symbol for 388 stock : 388-SEHK-STK-HKD
I tried to input "0388.HK, 388-SEHK-STK-HKD" or "388-SEHK-STK-HKD," in symbol translation table but it fail to do it

Am I using the function wrongly?
If yes, beside manually merge each stock, any other method to do batch processing?

Please send a screenshot showing where you entered that because there are separate tables for different data sources.


I want to download the data from Yahoo "0388.HK" and directly merge to the symbol "388-SEHK-STK-HKD"


To verify that translation works, double click on downloaded line. This will open Notepad with downloaded data file. When translation worked you would see

on the top of the file (or whatever other symbol you used).

One hint: make sure to remove all spaces and any white characters. It should be written like this:

I tried your solution and succeed to directly merge both Price & Fundamental Data from Yahoo to IB Data
Many Thanks!!!

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