Symbol with a dash


Is there a solution (ready or planned) when trying to submit symbols with a dash via IBController?

In my case I have FI-N in Switzerland, and
ibc.PlaceOrder("FI-N-SMART-STK-CHF" )
will fail as everything gets shifted by one position as only 3 dashes are expected in SYMBOL-EXCHANGE-TYPE-CURRENCY. I'm using the latest Amibroker 6.30.5 and IBController 1.3.8

In this locked thread Tomasz says

This will require IB plugin update - IF YOU BUY the software - you will receive updated plugin.

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Yes there is a new plugin 2.0.11 and IBController 1.3.9. Contact support from registered email address and you will receive it.

UPDATE: you can get the plugin directly from:

Are there any other changes in the new IB plugin and IBController that are worthy to note? I haven't seen any documentation or mention of these other than this post.

Both plugin and IBController are working perfectly fine. The change mentioned here is solely for those rare symbols with dash. If you don't use them, then there is no difference.

Perfect, that's what I needed to hear. I'll keep using the versions I'm on. Thanks!