Symbols keep changing

I need help fixing the problem when the different tickers I have selected in different tabs for chart display keep chanding when I change the database source or sometimes on restarting amibroker. All get replaced to the first symbol on the current watchlist.

I tried to lock the symbols. That seemed to work but perhaps after some quote updates or amibroker restart, even the locked symbols for replaced with the first symbol on the watchlist. I need to see the same symbols specific to a database source. I would also like to fix all the scans/exploration tabs ready so I don't have to set them up every time.

Thanks for help in advance.

Chart symbol lock applies to single database and prevents given CHART in given layout and given database from changing the symbol. When you change the DATABASE then it will load a new layout which belongs to that database. Layouts are generally LOCAL (per database). Global layouts are something else and they need to be loaded by explicit command (click) as instructed in the User Guide
The tab ordering is the "creation order". So they will appear in the order in which they were created.

Secondly, Analysis window is NOT a part of Chart layout. Chart layouts are supposed to be quickly switchable while keeping Analysis window (and other like Account, Web research, Batch) untouched. That is why Chart layout stores and restores only charts.

If you want to open Analysis windows automatically on startup you can do so using Batch