Symbols Tab auto hide not working!


Symbols auto hide tab does not pinned, while other tabs are working fine !

Try these?
Close the window by clicking X or uncheck from windows Menu and enable again.


Drag the window outside and let it be floating. Dock it again.

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I did as you said but problem remains, All other windows are pinned well but symbols window having problem.

Can you explain any other methods you have tried?

I've had occasional docking issues in other apps, but what I did in my 2nd post generally works.

I would suggest you to close all windows, chart tabs and Analysis, basically everything and re-open it?

You still need to tell us
your AB version, bitness,
when you installed it,
for how long has it been fine.
When did the issue start.
Were there any other changes made to your OS or major updates? OS details.
OS details are important because then one can narrow down the thought process.

Did you backup and try reinstall/repair ? Ofc this is not the solution but it takes a lot less time and the docking issue although very rare occurs in many 3rd party Apps so it many have something to do with Windows.

I'm not an official support person or MS Windows expert but i'm just left with trial error options to suggest something.


Auto-hide works so that the window that is supposed to be hidden must NOT have input focus, which means you have to click somewhere else (like on the chart for example).

All tabs are handled by THE SAME CODE. Technologically there is no chance for one tab to behave differently.

If you still experience problems, it works fine for everyone else, there is no "fix" that can be done in AmiBroker - since as you say it just works for ALL other tabs being handled by SAME code. Isolated problem happening on one machine is likely to be caused by 3rd party software (like 3rd party mouse drivers). Try using plain vanilla Windows install without 3rd party improvements (some of them are listed here )