Symbols Tab missing a folder for Indexes

When I look at the Symbols Tab it includes folders tiled "Markets", "Groups", "Sectors", etc. There is an Icon for "Indexes" but no folder. I am beginning to work through the Bandy book on AmiBroker and I see on page 57 that his Symbols Tab has a FOLDER for Indexes.

What must I do to configure my system so that I too have a folder for Indexes, and how do I populate it? I subscribe to Premium Data, but perhaps they do not provide a feed for Indexes....

Thanks again! You are helping me along and providing the resources I need to dive into this. Quirks like this unfortunately stall me and I have difficulty moving forward until I address each issue as it comes along.

I guess the entire Symbols Tab is a mystery to me. If I follow the steps in the Bandy book, my AmiBroker program does not respond the same way. I input a new symbol in the Charting screen to view another chart. Nothing in the Symbols tab seems to alter the Chart window.

Thank you for your patience.

@Floridan I suggest you read Understanding categories:

Categories show up in Symbols window. First and foremost thing to remember is categories do NOT work like FOLDERS and Workspace window does NOT work like Windows Explorer.

The "Indexes" is a category with free membership (like watchlists and favorites): it means that a symbol may belong to ANY number (including zero) of these special categories.

To populate the "Indexes" you have to use the "Symbol Information" window (that is displayed/hidden from main menu "Windows").
For each ticker that you want to be listed as an index, you should select "Yes" for the item "Is Index?"



I don't know which Bandy's book you are referring to but it is likely to describe old version of the program. In the old times Symbol window consisted only of the tree. Now it is split-view. Upper pane shows categories only, lower pane shows members of selected category. You select category from upper view and then select symbol in lower view. Categories work like "filters" - i.e. selecting given category makes the list beneath to show only symbols belonging to that category. If changing symbol does not change the chart, you may have activated "symbol lock" for the chart: