Sync line studies between 2 different chart ID's

I want to sync / copy line studies drawn in one chart window having chart ID "X" to another chart window having chart ID "Y".
I tried to find this topic online and in the Amibroker Forum & KB domain but most were about copying from one machine to another. Yet there were some snippets and from them i figured this code below and it does a fair job. But there are quite a few functions of the line study which cant' be reproduced, like "line extension" and "Y label on right" to name a few.

Is there a better way to do what i am attempting for? What if there is more than 1 study with same "Study ID", like 2 support lines. Isn't there a copy function where the studies can be copied and pasted. There is a "Copy", "paste" & "Paste special" function but that doesn't work for line studies.
Please advise. TY!

ri = Study("RI", 1069 ); // 1069 is the chart ID of the chart from which to copy / sync
PlotOHLC( ri,  ri,  ri, ri, "RI", colorYellow,styleline,0,0,0,0,2 ); 

This is essential reading

to understand relationship between Chart IDs and studies.