Sync on chart select RT Quote window

hi, in my analysis window I can chose "Sync on chart select" (see image below). When I put the mouse cursor on the symbol it activates that particular symbol in the chart. Works great.

I also have and floating RT quote window, see image. I can activate a chosen symbol in the chart sometimes by clicking twice on the symbol in the RT quote window. But quite often I can click whatever I want and the selected symbol will not appear in the chart. Is there a trick to do this? Thanks.

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From screenshot you seem to have Symbol Lock activated on that chart

thanks for your reply. No, I have 3 chart windows open and the visible chart in the picture has "interval lock" and "symbol link" activated.

In total have 3 chart windows open:

  1. one in the tick timeframe, interval locked, symbol linked.
  2. then I have 2 additional chart windows in which the a) interval link and the b) symbol link are activated.

So when I click on items I get via the Analysis window then I can just put my mouse on the symbol/ticker and all 3 charts windows go to that symbol (because I use "sync chart on select" ).

With the RT Quote window it sometimes works but not always (double click on the symbol). I just thought there might be a setting I do not know of. A similar setting like a "sync chart on select" setting just like we have with the Analysis window.

here is a little video. First I click/select the ticker in the Analysis window. I just click once and I the symbol is shown in all charts. Then I go to the RT Quote window and select symbol, then left mouse click twice and nothing happens:

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Double click on Symbol within RT quote window selects given symbol in the LAST ACTIVE MDI window, if only symbol lock is NOT used for that window and if active window is actually a chart, not something else, like Analysis.


ah ok thanks. So that was the problem. If I first click on a chart and then on the RT Quote window it seems to work. Problem was when I clicked on the Analysis window before clicking on the RT Quote window. Yes now it seems to be working, thanks

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actually if I hover with the mouse over a chart window that is enough to activate the chart window. I do not need to mouse click on it. After that I can double click the RT quote ticker and the chart will change to the selected ticker

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