Synced scroll/zoom of Chart-Group (multi time frames), Watchlist scroll

is this paid or free afl
how i can get this ??? .. synced scroll/zoom by trash fx
please reply
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@munisharora this forum provides a very good search function:


Please, try it entering: sync zoom

In any case, I suggest to read this previous thread and study the code provided in the examples to learn how to achieve this kind of functionality in AmiBroker.

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this afl is not awailable on this forum..
i need exact this type of afl..

other awailable code is not working ..or may be i dont know how to use it..
one of my friend given me izoomer afl..but its performance is not soo gud.
so m asking..about that particular afl..

Perhaps you could directly contact the person who posted the video on YouTube. I'll give you a hint: Trash FX is an anagram for @fxshrat, who is a member of this forum.

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Just remember if you have 4-6 tiled charts windows in different time frame, you must insert this afl in ONLY ONE chart window and NOT in all of the charts. Otherwise maybe will be slow.


ok sir i will try that way

i hope @fxshrat will get notification with this tag & reply

otherwise how i can contact him personally??

does't work well..
very poor performance of that afl..

@mishu / @munisharora it work well for me and probably for many other users (with a fast enough system - that code works using the AmiBroker OLE interface ).

Did you test it with a basic chart (like in the video example) following the @PanoS advice to include it only in one chart (the one where you'll actually click, pan, scroll, zoom, etc.)?

Maybe the formula that you are using in your linked charts is already a relatively slow one and obviously in such a case having multiple instances may not be a good idea (did you ever profile your formula before using in such a scenario?)


i tried with one chart..
but still it lags.. & chart doest scroll properly

i dont know anything else about the formula :confused:

from where i can get that @fxshrat