Syncing chart with exploration

With a finished exploration (in floating window if it matters) is that while you can double click on a resulting symbol in the analysis exploration results, which will cause the charted to symbol to switch to the symbol selected in the exploration, for whatever reason you cannot type in a random symbols directly into the chart.

Regarding floating tabs, it would be nice if we could just drag it off the main gui to make it a floating window, instead of having to right click then select floating. Similar to internet browsers.

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You don't even need a double click. One click is enough if you have Sync chart on select option in Analysis window settings menu selected. You can also use keyboard arrows for switching between next/previous symbol's chart..

Additional information you can find in Tomasz’s article:

Just click on a chart, hit F3 button, type whatever Symbol you want and hit Enter. It's the fastest way :slight_smile:

You can easily create shortcuts in the main menu for that:


Thanks Milosz,

Ahhh, so it looks like because I was using a floating exploration and click thru symbols on it, that was the active tab, so when I clicked into the symbol box of the main GUI it wasn’t transferring the active status to the main chart tab (docked in the main GUI. You have to click in that chart or on the tab itself and then click into the symbol area. Then the chart will go to a symbol typed into it. One thing I noticed, is that if you type in a symbol without making the chart tab the active tab and when you realize you need to activate the tab first, you can’t then type the same symbol. Maybe AB thinks you have you are calling up the same chart etc.

Sync chart on select just makes it a single click versus double click, no big deal.

I ended up creating a keyboard command to float a tab. That said, it would be nice to drag and drop tabs off the main GUI, that you can do with internet browsers.

What is that a .gif ? If so what do you use to create them?



Yes, it's an animated gif. I use this simple program:

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  1. Yes, I have noticed that too. But in this case, you need to click the symbol twice (a double click) - and it will be synchronised with the chart too.

  1. Besides, it is worth remembering, that if we have more than one chart window opened, then Analysis window will always sync the last opened chart window. So if you want a selected chart(s) to be always synchronised, you can achieve that by linking it (or them) with the latest opened chart using the same color "Symbol link"

  1. If you use SetOption("NoDefaultColumns", True); in your code, the charts might not be synchronized by default, but you can easily cope with that too. I wrote about in another thread:



… a clarification to the first point of my reply above. I actually thought, that you mean clicking on a selected symbol from the exploration output without the chart in focus. In that case clicking on a chart (which is the last opened chart, or is linked to the last opened chart via “Symbol link”) and then double clicking on the same symbol (from the Analysis window) usually solves the problem (you can also click once on another symbol), but I have no such problems with “F3” Symbol finder. If for example the Analysis window has focus, F3 will not change the chart, but after clicking the chart (which again is the last opened chart, or is linked to the last opened chart via “Symbol link”) I can repeat the process without any issues …

Nice tool to create small animated gifs. Thanks for sharing the info!


This thread is full of useful info, thanks for taking the time to make the gif and explain too.

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