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I run Amibroker on an iMac from 2010 with the use of Parallels. I know this is not the ideal system but overall it works for me. The question I have is in regard to downloads with Amiquote and Amibroker open. I have noticed that the speed of the download seems to improve when I minimize the Amibroker window, and then it will appear to slow down if I open the Amibroker back up. Currently my system has 8GB of RAM. Would increasing the RAM have an affect on Amiquote? I hope my question makes sense.

Hello MCassICT,

I used Parallels on my MacBook Pro (2012), Windows 10 x64 and Amibroker several years.

My setup has been:

Mac hardware: Intel i7, 16 GB, ~500 GB SSD harddisk
W10: CPU 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, ~300 GB vDisk

In my mind 8 GB RAM is neccessary to run Windows 10 smart independently to use Amibroker application.

Yes you should upgrade your RAM because off OSX will also consume it and upgrade W10 to 8 GB virtual memory.

!!! BUT !!! The largest performance kick you will receive be change/repalace of your spinning harddisk with any SSD drive.

Think about, you have a Mac so you could also boot from any external SSD drive to check that performance profit via Firewire 800 or USB. And of course if you connect the SSD drive internal you never detect your Mac is same as before ...

Choose some time to research for cheap HD-Adapters on Amazon connectable to your Mac, setup OSX/W10/AB on an external SSD, have fun ...

Second AmiQuote is possible to "tune up" concurrent downloads via Tools - Settings:




Thank you for the response @Pietro . I really appreciate the advice. From what I have read I know I can get up to 16GB and possibly 32GB of Ram (I have a little more research to know for sure). My current configurations for everything are.....

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 6.55.51 PM

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 6.56.30 PM

I currently don't use the external drive for anything other than storage of photos, video, and douments. Nothing related to Amibroker is on that one.

Hello MCassIT,

I see you have already build in a SSD drive, so i have to correct my recommendation. Nevertheless if your SSD disk is first original delivery, the age is around 10 years. This would be amazing. So it is probably first generation. I don't know exactly if your SSD support the TRIM option. If not the rule is as more free storge disappears, as slower this disk will react on i/o. Second by using Parallels your i/o will be enhanced to max. Please check if TRIM is possible/enabled within OSX High Sierra. Because of 10 years age please make "Backups" ! Also current SSD drives are much faster in i/o. You will not see as i suggested before a performance speed up in using external SSD. You will see now only a performance speed up replacing your internal SSD by current technology SSD with TRIM enabled. Also you have to choose one professional SSD build (PRO).

In my mind it is a performance enhancement to Windows 10 x64 to upgrade virtual memory to 8 GB. Windows will be less in page/swap to harddisk. Because of RAM upgrade is cheap you could max enhance to 32 GB if possible.

Last note i could give to you is to prioritize Parellels virtual machine in OSX. Which Parallels version you use you can set this feature in different ways.

Before invest in new SSD check your CPU utilization in OSX. Intel Core 2 Duo could be also a little weak for Parallels/Windows operation. As me i decided this year to migrate to Windows 10 native machine. Sorry to report this to an "Mac friend" and sorry for my english.



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