System setting for analyser size and position permanently

New user so excuse ignorance. I know I can have system settings for charts/templates/backtester etc but I can't find one for permanent analyser size and position. I want to be able to have my screen look exactly the same each time I reboot. Presently I have to manually make analyser floating, then resize it. Is it possible to make it always sit where I want it ?

Please read Working with chart sheets and window layouts. You can create a layout as you want, then save it as "default" such that it loads up the same exact manner every time you load AmiBroker afresh.

I had previously watched that video. I want to have analysis1 floating and loaded top left corner, partially hidden by LHS template. When I click Analysis1, it blocks out part of the template. Is this possible to set that permanently? There doesn't seem to be any settings for analyser. I wanted to show before and after but I can only upload one image.

Layouts save the chart positions, not the Analysis window, so that little bit needs to be done manually.

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Thank you for your assistance. Bit of a pain manually doing it every session.

@CROC49 This topic has been already discused many times. For example:

etc ...

As I wrote in prior replies, if you are a registered AmiBroker user, you can log into the Feedback Centre and support the idea of adding such option --> Issue #2653 - Save AA Window in Layout

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I can't access Issue #2653 so I'd like to log my support for this feature here. It would be VERY useful.