Taking trade based on time

I am coding a strategy which is supposed to fire a buy/sell only after end of every hour based of some conditions. How can I fix the times at which an order can be fired

You can fix the time in a number of ways.

  1. If you just want to fire at the close of hourly bar, then just Ref() the trade by one bar
someBuy = 1;
Buy = Ref( someBuy, -1);
  1. If you want to FIX the times, as in hard-coded by some logic, explain it in detail.

You can use TimeNum() or write logic based on Exchange/System/Local time.

// Exit all Short positions before market close
tn = TimeNum();
someCover = // Cover condition.
Cover = someCover OR tn >= 155000;
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Check out this page

I tried using TimeNum() function but it does not seem to be working in backtest.

BUY= Cross(MA(c,5), MA(c,10)) and tn=140000

From what I understood, this should execute order only when the crossover condition is true and time is 2pm, right?

Your code is incorrect

= is the ASSIGNMENT operator, comparison is ==