Telegram message showing different variable value

Hii guys,

Please help me with this , I am passing simple message variable to telegram messenger,
but I am facing unique problem shown in attached screenshot... I have buystop variable..
in title bar its shows correct value but in telegram same variable shows different value.... please refer
to my attached image [red circled values in image]


When buystop was sent to telegram it was 858.75.
You have to look why buystop change later

there is no any other command, title command display right values but immediately telegram command followed, but value is changed....

You do not show how buystop is calculated so I am just guessing,
but think about:

  1. AFL is executed many times per second.
  2. Alert will only send the first message, but
  3. title will keep changing as new trades arrive

got it !!, I am using param() function to define ATR value and it should be constant.