Template plugin for crypto sources

Hi @Tomasz ,

I see there is no good resources for crypto datasources for amibroker for any crypo-exchanges. We have to relay on the random internet thirdparty stuff.

Is there anyway you could create a sample template plugin for any one of the crypto exchanges with their REST/python websocket datasources which supports 1s/5s/15s candles. For the other exchanges we can change the REST endpoints. This would be helpful for the tool as well as users as -

  1. currently no charting tool exists which gives 1s/5s/15s/tick candles except tradingview. Even with MT5, ctrader currently not spoorted.
  2. Users can greatly benefit maintianing their own plugin and place orders with REST/python commands.

Im not sure how much efforts this would be, Please consider.

Cryptos are available from Yahoo (EOD) and eSignal https://kb.esignal.com/hc/en-us/articles/6362143533595-Does-eSignal-offer-Cryptocurrency-data-

Hi @Tomasz for responding

  1. EOD will not useful for any intraday trading.
  2. Just checked with eSignal, They dont have any crypto offerring for any particular exchanges(Binance, Kraken, CoinBase etc). What they have is forex market crypto data.


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