Text Box, Adding Additional Default Actions

I write a LOT of personal info on each chart. Can someone lead me in the right direction o improve the functionality of the Text Box?

Such as: setting defaults, additional FONT choices, default colors and SIZES of the FONTS, predetermined sets of info, additional location options etc.

Any info would be helpful. I am using version 5.8


Suggest you write to the Interpretation window instead.

@Greg9042 there's always low level graphics

Good Idea, however I want my comments and other data directly on the chart.
I have info that has nothing to do with any formulas

This may be an option, doesn;t seem to be very flexible though.

In his first post he is clearly not looking for programming stuff but is talking about the ABC text tool of AmiBroker tool bar!

He is looking for similar options such as these ones (of different software vendor).

@Greg9042, only solution.... you should go to the feedback center for individual font choices and font sizes!
As I recall there already is an item #2415 asking for text tool improvement there.

Color setting is already there! Just open the properties.