Text linebreak in Formula Editor

I work on Formula Editor, and I have a line code too long exceed the limit of the monitor.
If I hit the Enter, it go to the new line, but the code not run.

How can I break the line (easy to view in the Editor Screen) but Formula Editor understand that is "NO break"?

(ie in MS Word, we type Shift + Enter to go to the new line, but do not insert the LineBreak).

Thank you!

Send the screenshot of the formula editor with the "problem" because your description is non-sense.

Statements in programming languages like AFL are NOT terminated by new line but by semicolon. They don't need to be in single line. So there is no such problem as "too long line". Example:

x = 1 + 
  2 + 
  3 + 
  4; // semicolon is a statement terminator and single statement can span multiple lines

Formula editor is not MS word. It is plain text editor like Notepad. In plain text editor you to make a new line you just press ENTER KEY and that it. Without Shift.

Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question


@nsm51 - please don't answer if you don't know the answer.

No, AFL is not C / C++ and you don't use backslash the way you do in C/C++.
Besides you don't even need backslash in C to have one string in two code lines. Backslashes are used for macros in C but this is different story.

In AFL you can just concatenate using +.

If you have super long string you can simply write this:

long_string = "This is really long string and I want it" +
                      "in two lines of code";
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Thank you Tomasz!

I love Amibroker!

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