The majority of quotes update, but some don't

I recently notices that certain stock symbols in my data base (about 10% of them) haven't had their stock quotes updating since March of 2020, and I run Amiquote on a daily basis. I'll use the stock symbol BTG as an example of what I've tried to troubleshoot. BTG's stock quotes were only updating though 03/23/20. It wouldn't update beyond that. I checked the Yahoo quote page to make sure the stock price was being updated there (which it is) BTG stock quotes

I've tried downloading the corresponding CSV file and that works also. I've tried manually deleting the symbol from my Amibroker database and putting it back in. I've made sure that both Amibroker and Amiquote are the latest versions. I've tried deleting my cookies. I've reinstalled Amibroker and Amiquote. I'm at a loss of what to do next.

There are zillions of messages already on the forum that cover that. Do the search before posting. Quick answer is WAIT AND RETRY.

I just tried BTG it works perfectly:


This shows that AmiQuote works 100% fine.

Any problem with Yahoo downloads are YAHOO PROBLEMS.

Yahoo is using complex Load Balancing and each time you try you are getting connected to DIFFERENT physical server (different IP). Some Yahoo servers may not operating properly from time to time.

So run AmiQuote as I have shown above and DOUBLE CLICK on downloaded line.
Then look what is downloaded.

If data ARE downloaded OK, but not updated in the database, it may mean that something on your system is preventing proper operation of Windows. For example antivirus may have "quarantined" data file in the database. Or file may be marked read-only.

Hi, I had a similar issue. IBM was not updated when I requested all my securities. The single update worked. Somehow the update worked with t-2 as to date for a while. My current solution is to update only the securities that I really need (around 200 instead of 2000) and this works so far.

It's indeed a Yahoo Finance problem. Since it is free, we just have to live with it. After each update, I do an exploration and screen out those tickers with missing data. Export the list with missing data and redownload. If I download four hours after NYSE market close, I usually have about 300 missing data out of 5000. Worse result if download any earlier. A redownload one or two hours after the first will get nearly all the missing data. Generally, can get all the missing data the next day.

In case anyone else runs into this problem I realized what the problem was and just wanted to post it here in case anyone else comes across it. I was updating too many quotes at once. I have about 3,000 symbols in my database. Normally, for years, at the end of every day, it would let me update all the quotes with no problem. Something must have changed recently and once I start updating more than 600 symbols it selectively starts to not want to add more than 1 bar of data to certain symbols. It won't give you an error message saying you've exceeded your limit. I've broken my database down into 5 different amiquote files (600 symbols each) and wait about 15 minutes apart to update each file and this seem to be working so far.

I had the same issue following the update from version 4.02 to 4.06. Some quotes just did not update using Auto Update e.g. NFLX, RRGB, AAOI... but there was many of them. The only way was to update them manually one by one. It works but is quite akward.
I tried version 4.05. with the same outcome.
Therefore I switched back to version 4.02. and it updates all symbols during Auto Update as expected. The only hickup is the "Download limit reached - Wait & Continue" window as discussed already in other place of the forum. But in practice it means that update takes a bit longer (app 30 minutes for 5000 symbols)
Imho something happened between version 4.02 and 4.05...

No, you don't need to update manually anything. After download that has few symbols left, use Edit->Select Failed and press "Download".

It did not work as well, unfortunately. I tried it repeatedly immediatelly one atempt after another as well as after couple of hours or even days (week-end). The update run through non-updated items leaving the same error message. I should mention it in my previous post.
I have to admit however that some tickers might be succesfully updated by this proceduer but majority was not.
Personally I am happy using version 4.02 but I can run more tests on 4.06 if needed.

It is your imagination and/or pure chance. As far as Yahoo HISTORICAL downloads 4.05 downloads the same way as 4.02 (the code path did NOT change a bit for that). 4.05 implements only changes for Yahoo FUNDAMENTAL EXTRA.

As I wrote earlier in this thread, you have to understand that each time you download with EACH symbol you are connecting to different server. That is "load balancing" (also here) and if some Yahoo servers experience problems during the time when you download, you will get an error, but next time, you may be connected to different server that responds OK. This makes ALL kind of tests pretty random when Yahoo experiences temporary problems.