The procedure entry point could not be located in Amibroker

I am having trouble opening amibroker on my desktop. I am sharing screenshots below. Though, not facing any issue while doing it from laptop. I have tried methods mentioned in the windows club website. I have added the link of the same below.
Please, help me out here.

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@aritra, please, see if the tips provided here will help.

In general, to get more specific help, you must specify the exact version of AmiBroker you are using and if you installed any non-standard plugin.

The version, I am using now is But till couple of hours back, I have been using 6.31.0. I am having trouble in both versions.
No, I have not installed any plug-in.

@Aritra - 32 or 64 bits?

While you wait for more qualified suggestions, did you try to install the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime as suggested in the previous link ?

AmiBroker 6.38 x64 uses and installs newer runtime (2017-2019)

You can download the latest redist from here:

If you need to to use Osaka with AmiBroker 6.38 x64 you have to additionally, manually install old runtime VC++2015 x64 (64-bit) from here.

Normally runtime is automatically installed. But sometimes people uninstall manually things without thinking too much.

Different 64-bit versions use DIFFERENT runtimes therefore you should run FULL SETUP. NEVER copy files manually.

And never download any DLLS from "windows club" or any other website other than Microsoft or AmiBroker.

If that fails you can download and run required runtime from Microsoft (this one is for 6.38)

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Thanks. It worked well.

Thanks for the help.

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