The results file can't be open for writing

I am receiving this message "The results file cannot be open for writing" after I run a backtest. Resulting in no data being shown in some of my charts. Any ideas? Recommendations?

The error means what it says that the text file results.rlst file (inside Reports folder) can not be open for writing.

This may be because:

  • the file results.rlst and/or the Reports folder is marked as "read-only"
  • antivirus that you are using went crazy and blocks text file or deleted entire Reports folder
  • AmiBroker was not correctly installed in first place
  • you have opened the file results.rlst in some other program and that program locks file exclusively (some programs do that namely all MS Office programs)

Solution is obviously checking the above and removing read-only flags, closing other open programs, faulty antivirus, etc.

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