Thinking about TD Ameritrade Intraday Data

Hi, I currently use IQ Feed for intraday data but have a TD Ameritrade account and have someone that is interested in building me a way to pull data real time from Ameritrade to replace the IQ Feed for myself (and others if interested).

I know there are various topics on this board about using generic SQL plugin or creating a new plugin (I want to make inhouse data plugin to pull data from database)

If a custom plugin is best approach, is the right approach to follow what is in the ADK kit that can be found on the download page? I just want to check since I don't think it's been updated since 2010 and I want to make sure there are not more recent approaches that are suggested.

I'll be running on Windows 10 machine.


Hi Mike,

I would be quite interested myself. TD has a well documented API and I believe the best way to incorporate it is thru AB's ADK for speed etc. Definitely not DDE or OLE. There is a C++ TD API project on github which could be a great guide to get started etc.

Let me know what happens. I'm looking at it also, while I can play in C++, suffice to say Tomasz is a God.

Be well and stay safe.

Since TD Ameritrade is being acquired by Schwab will the API carry forward? I'd read that Schwab no longer makes real-time data available for streaming.

Yes they were acquired, however from my knowledge they will be keeping both entity identities as is.

It would be very tricky to take API functionality like that away, for the larger clients who would use it, especially after much efforts to build out infrastructure and tech IMHO. It's the way of the future and they will still have to offer just as much as a competitor like IB, CQG...


I want this as well just basic intraday , on the daily time frame , hgsi and edgerater both use with all securities update , no issue