Third party plugin not working correctly

I encounter a problem with second part.

My aim is quite simple: during market session run an automated explore function every 1 minute on watchlist of 50-100 tickers.

I populate Realtime Quote window with tickers from watchlist and I can see that realtime data is streaming correctly (e.g., yellow background highlighted indicating data change etc.).

However, when I run the explore function the results only seem to reflect "Last" price if I have chart of relevant ticker open, otherwise the price will remain unchanged from one Explore to the next.

If I understand the above discussion correctly, then Realtime Quote window is not actually necessary for my setup:

Running Exploration on watchlist does not seem to refresh symbols in relevant watchlist ... only for those symbols that are displayed in a chart window.

My current (sub-optimal) work around is to open 16 charts that refresh every 1 second. This means the explore function works as desired on these 16 tickers, but the other symbols in the Watchlist / Realtime Quote window do not seem to refresh.

I must be overlooking something obvious, but I don't know what. I don't think performance is the issue in this case (but I have added SetBarsRequired(100,0) just in case).

Any help would be much appreciated.

PS: I would basically like to replicate the following,

PPS: I use a third-party plug-in that feeds real-time data into Amibroker. I'm not sure what the symbol limit is, but seeing I don't encounter a problem with Realtime Quote window I don't think this would be the issue (?)

As @Milosz said: IF symbol is in real-time quote window THEN it is streaming RT data and current data are immediately available. Also ANY action that requests data (not only chart, but scan/exploration/backtest/optimization) ADDS given symbol to streaming list (subject to limit of symbols that your RT provider allows).

That happens with all OUR OWN plugins How to get quotes from various markets

But your problem is:

PPS: I use a third-party plug-in that feeds real-time data into Amibroker

What is the plugin name/vendor???
Third party plugins are often written by amateurs and they don't work properly. In many cases they don't even purchase single AmiBroker license, so they really NOT testing anything.

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Thanks for the prompt reply Tomasz!

Third party plug-in is: Plugins for Amibroker - realtime data plugin

I'm looking at real-time data for Tokyo Stock Exchange. Looks like I will try my luck with IB.

That web page lists as contact email.
We don't have in registered users database.

Also none of these plugins have registered with us (each data plugin that is made public MUST register its Plugin ID with us).

Also TradingView is simply a web page. It is not RT data source, so plugin author(s) are apparently scraping web data which is not the way how RT data sources should work.

Web page by its nature is intended to be viewed by the human with a single pair of eyes, so their intended usage is just watching a chart or two.
So the plugins that use web pages to scrap data from might work for one or two charts but more advanced operations like scanning the whole market (hundreds/thousands of securities) is out of question.


Indian vendors whose data plugins, we can use in Amibroker should be published on amibroker site. It eliminates trial and error for licensed users.

First, we can not host and endorse something we don't control. Plugins can contain malicious code and as long as it is compiled there is no easy way to find out. Only if plugin source is available it can be analysed and verified.


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