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AmiBroker is a terrific technical analysis & trading system development platform. But I believe it is a very powerful and thus complex program that for me (and perhaps many other users) that do not have a computer programming background may find it difficult to learn without expert assistance.

Fortunately, as well as the outstanding technical support offered by the AmiBroker team, there are 3rd party programmers, authors, bloggers, teachers etc. I personally have interacted with most of the following 3rd parties satisfactorily.

These listings below are in no way officially affiliated with
Questions, problems, gratitude etc should be directed to these 3rd parties and not to the team.

Professional code writing services (alphabetical order)

Cesar Alavarez ( author, trader, systems developer, AmiBroker enthusiast. Offers code writing services and full-fledged on-line AmiBroker Training Courses.

Alan Clement ( trader, systems developer, programmer, AmiBroker enthusiast. Offers code writing services, trading and AmiBroker mentorships.

Matt Radkte ( author, trader, systems developer, programmer, AmiBroker enthusiast. Offers code writing services, trading and AmiBroker training.

Nick Radge
( author, trader, programmer, AmiBroker enthusiast. Offers code writing services, trading and AmiBroker mentorships. Also, has prepackaged fully coded trading systems based on strategies written about in his books.

UpWork and Freelancer.
Less famous and usually less expensive (and usually less thorough) programmers can be found on web sites like which I think has become Just type in a search for AmiBroker or afl code writing.

Blogs that use and sometimes share their AmiBroker afl’s with devoted readers.

JW at TrendXplorer

Matt H.

There are several older, now apparently defunct blogs that used to publish their research afl’s but have not done so for many years. I will not list them unless I see them restart. You can find them by searching the internet.

3rd Party AmiBroker add-on

Recently upgraded and improved, prepackaged indicators, charting capabilities with .dll’s and AmiBroker afl’s, focused on charting and Pattern recognition.

Mark Juirk Research ( offers unique technical indicators.


Progster (, offers pre-written, well-organized afl’s that can serve as learning examples of trading system code writing.

Markos Katsanos, trader, author, who offers coded systems in various software platforms, including AmiBroker afl’s.

Good luck to all and remember CAVEAT EMPTOR.


A recommendation for programmer Alan Clement. Communication was clear, tasks were completed quickly and code itself seems very efficient. Thanks.



This thread wouldn’t be complete without a nod to @howardbandy, who literally “wrote the book”, and more than one at that, on strategy development employing the use of Amibroker.

If you’re new to the world of algorithmic trading, begin with, which is a great summary of the craft and a good introduction to his main bodies of work.

If you’re an Amibroker beginner, get which is now available as a free download.

From there his book is an all time classic for building strategy development skills.

His other books follow a natural progression up the learning curve, and I can recommend them all. You can find the full list here:


Professional code writing services
Though I am only familiar with the afl expertise offered by this team, their web-site lists many other services.
InStat Research helps institutional and retail clients model, develop and implement trading strategies for the financial markets. We offer consultations, software development, trade automation, customized back-testing and workflow automation. Led by Anthony Abry, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), InStat Research uses Amibroker technical analysis software for a majority of its development.

3rd Party AmiBroker add-on
“The WiseTrader Toolbox plugin is an advanced plugin that extends the functionality of Amibroker by adding Pattern Scanning, Adaptive Indicators, Smooth Indicators and much more. is an INDEPENDENT business and has no financial/engineering or other connection to


I highly recommend Cesar Alvarez as I been using his services for quite a few years, starting with his AmiBroker 101 course. I wanted more than just someone to show me how to click buttons in AmiBroker and write some simple lines of code. I wanted a person that has the time to teach me and answer my questions, has years of experience in programming, years of real life experience in the market, years of experience in AmiBroker in conjunction with practical application, and skin in the game. Well Cesar has this and more importantly is willing to share this information you! I highly recommend this course to all levels as with somethings in life you just need to start from the beginning regardless how knowledgeable we think we are. Similar for the his AmiBroker 201 course.

Over the last year of so I’ve been using Cesar’s coding service which saves me an incredible amount of time as I’m fully employed in another field, he has extensive knowledge with CBT, he provides up front quotes so you know where you stand from outset, his quotes are very reasonable in price and his turn around reasonable quick.


sorry to revive an old thread , but for sake of not starting a new thread. I was wondering if the more experience traders mind recommend trader forums where I can discuss , candle stick pattern , indicators etc . I am envisioning where I upload a screen shot and ask questions about the candle stick pattern.

some I have joined:
elite trader TA

tradee 2 win

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For Quandl users, here’s a link to an Amibroker plugin that will take data directly from Quandl into an Amibroker database, without having to do a physical import. I’ve used it and it seems to do the job as intended. It’s a free download. Please due your own due diligence.


i just like to share the link for some Elliottitians AmiBroker users :smiley:

Elliott Wave for Amibroker

Add on software for Elliott Wave Automatic analysis with Amibroker


JB Marwood ( that I suppose here in the Forum is @marwood) has a section of his website dedicated to AmiBroker where he posts and comments the results of some of his findings testing indicators, simple strategies, and trading ideas.

Here is a sample post:
Five Stock Market Timing Indicators Put To The Test

While the content seems more oriented to general audience, some of his articles could be the starting point to do your own further explorations.

He is also the author of multiple Udemy courses (and also of a book) where he uses AmiBroker/Nortgate Data to present and back-test his trading systems.


This blog link was originally shared by @insaneike in a VSA/VPA related thread.

This author shares some interesting .afl formulas and comment them in his blog.

You can download all his AmiBroker indicators formulas here in a single .zip file.


Another site to follow is the one of @empottasch (Edward Pottasch) a very well known and prolific author of some handy formulas.

Content For Trading

While he continues to generously share his brilliant .afl creations in this forum (and did the same in the old Yahoo group), he now also uses this site (that seems still a work in progress) to provide additional information (articles, links, and videos) about his current projects and interests.


What I agree with @HelixTrader.

This is a relatively brief book (168 pages) that is quite to the point and IMHO provides a very remarkable summary of the best practices for developing profitable trading systems using a rigorous, scientific approach.

Moreover, another great plus is that this publication is very affordable both in the Kindle and in the paperback edition!

If you are not yet familiar with Dr. Howard Bandy (@howardbandy) work, you could enjoy this YouTube presentation on The importance of Being Stationary.

He discusses the lack of stationarity of financial data and of trading systems, and why that matters if you want to develop trading systems that are robust in spite of it.


If you are interested in "Rotational Stragegies", you might like the following recommendation

The excellent code that @TrendXplorer wrote (see the link in the above referenced forum thread) is based on the top-downloaded paper of all time on SSRN, published 10 years ago by Meb Faber.
He is also the author of many well documented short books on asset allocation and investing (and from time to time he makes one or more of them available to be downloaded for free).

Since approximately a year he also is the host of the The Meb Faber Show Podcast where "each week he discusses the craft of investing, helping you uncover new and profitable ideas in the global equity, bond, and real asset markets. (with some of the top investment professionals in the world as guests)".

Recently he dedicated an entire episode (#86) to revisit the original paper and he performs his 10-year post-mortem analysis!

More in general, I like to listen to this podcast, since often it provides me ideas to explore (nothing specific to AmiBroker) but IMHO anyway worthwhile.


Please note that this free plugin is now available for download from another location as detailed here by its author @awilson

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Started a free Videoblog about Amibroker in Youtube. It's about basics of the programm, about importing data mainly from Metatrader and basics about programming with afl. In the end I will show how to find a trading-system and as an example I will use one system for forex-market that I published in a german magazin called "Traders".
Furtheron I'm running a webside with a forum and more than 40 trading-systems are published in the user-area there. But everything is in German so I will repeat a shortcut of this post in German also.

Ich habe einen kostenlosen Videoblog auf Youtube eingerichtet, der die Entwicklung von Handelssystemen in Amibroker zum Ziel hat.
Weiterhin gibt es ein Forum mit vielen beschriebenen, in Amibroker getesteten Systemen.


For the users that prefer to learn how to use AmiBroker/AFL visually, this is a free video course that was recently cited :

Let’s Learn Amibroker!

it is a FREE Amibroker and Trading Systems Video Course hosted on YouTube and created by Dave McLachlan (

At the time of this post, there are 17 lessons dedicated to the use of AmiBroker, 13 regarding the development of Trading Systems, 8 Q&A videos plus another 8 in the Market Research section.
Each lesson has a dedicated page that further expand the topic covered in the video (in particular it is beneficial for the Trading System section).

While the main content was posted some years ago (mainly from 2012/2013 with some more recent entries in 2016) it still seems an attractive choice for people that want to learn by watching - and following along - how to use AmiBroker and how to develop and backtest some trading system using AFL.


I agree with Glennc and have taken AB101 and soon starting 201. Cesar is a top notch guy IMO. I would recommend his online courses to a beginner , with no programming skills, like myself . It has helped me out a lot ! Just my 2 cents .


Larry Connors is a well-known book author, who has published multiple titles with systematic trading ideas (and the widely used ConnorsRSI).

His most recent book (at the time of this post) is:

Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed: 7 Behavioral Quant Strategies for Traders (TradingMarkets Publishing - July 10, 2018 - ISBN-13: 978-0578206509)

A preview of the first chapter is found here.

Customer reviews on the book (on Amazon) are a bit discordant. One of the main complaints is that the book does not include the ready-to-use code, which is optionally sold on the author's website (in the AFL version, as a bundle of 7 strategies or individually):

On the associated online store, you can also purchase introductory and advanced courses on the AmiBroker programming language.

Even if you are not planning to buy anything, the Connors Research site probably deserves a visit to read some of the published articles, which often relate to quantified trading strategies that, with a bit of coding, can be implemented and backtested in AmiBroker.