Third party software starts AmiBroker in wrong directory, was: Code snippets not showing

hi all.
i using amibroker 6.30.
when i try to insert a code snippet in editor, the code snippets are not shwoing and menu is empty.
here with i am attaching screenshot.
when i open amibroker with out real time data the code snippets are showing.but when i open with real time data software,the code snippets are not showing.please help me in this issue.
advance thanks.ami%20error%20no%20code%20snippets

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Which RTD vendor is this ?
If your data vendor is starting AB for you, then it is most likely that the directory from which AB is started is not the AB folder and it doesn't get the correct path to the XML file.

In either case, you should contact/report it to them.

hi thank you for quick reply.
yes ami installed in : C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker
my data base is in : d:\data
my real time data software is in C:\Program Files (x86)
when i open my real time software,it opens my amibroker automatically.
so how to show codesnippets in this situvation?
advance thanks,

read the post again and the solution to their problem is also in it.

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i am unable to understand the solution my freind...plz help me!
in the real time data software settings here is a option "amroker path".i given correctly.and when i start my real time data software the ami opens correctly from my ami installed directory! here with i am attaching my real time data software settings.
please help me advance thanks.:pray:ami%20settings

You should start AmiBroker from Windows START menu (or from AmiBroker desktop icon), not from 3rd party software.

Your problems come from the fact that your 3rd party software is incorrectly written and does not run AmiBroker in correct directory (it must be run so current working directory (aka "Start in" folder) is set to where AmiBroker is installed.