This forum does not appear in google searches. Make it indexable by google

When I search on Google for solutions to Amibroker problems, the content of this useful does not appear on Google searches. What I get most of the time are Amibroker legacy library codes.

Please make the content of this forum indexable by Google. It will be convenient and useful if Amibroker users can google and find solutions that are available on this forum.

Indexing is disabled temporarily because of other bots (like Bing bot and others) doing 90% of traffic of entire site and consuming way too much resources.
I may turn back on google-only indexing and see how it works.

In the meantime - there is a SEARCH in the forum that works better (faster) than google :slight_smile:

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I don't know how expensive the resources consumed by the bots cost you. However, you can treat it as marketing expense. The more Amibroker appears on Google Searches, the higher the chance someone may click to buy. This forum is official Amibroker forum and your supporters are here. The content will usually be supportive of Amibroker. Hope you give indexing a try.

Thank you.

It is not about the cost but about user experience. The site is supposed to be fast for users and respond in quickest possible way. I just hate sites like Facebook that are soooo slow.
If site resources are abused by bots the user experience is worse.
AmiBroker forum is snappy. According to alexa stats, AmiBroker sites are:
"Very Fast (1.019 Seconds), 82% of world's sites are slower."

See this what bad bot can do:

UPDATE: I (re-)enabled Googlebot indexing.


Those Bing stats are outrageous! Did Microsoft design Bing as a search engine or a DOS attack platform?