Three basic code in English for each

Hi all,

Can someone explain what these three pieces of code mean. Just need understanding. E.G. Think 2nd one means price must be greater than 1?


C > 1// think this is just close price greater than 1

(multiple * 1/ATR(50) + (multiple * 1/C)

You should provide whole formula not some pieces because as in normal text, the exact meaning depends on context. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

Close > 1
means check if close is greater than one, but without context it doesn't mean much.

The context is required.

This is what I posted in a forum

Doing my own US Weekend system hoping for some advice on ranking 20 positions to avoid selection bias. Returns are not bad but ideally I want to bump Mar up to 0.8. Not sure how much the ranking can improve Mar and Drawdown though. Below is the results when doing the 1/Close as this has been the most profitable choice thus far.

1/Close; Return 18.10% (I like) Drawdown 36.10% (Not good) Mar 0.5. Dates to achieve these results 01.01.2000 - 08.08.2022
The stats not as good neglecting the start of the 21st century. 01.01.2012 - 08.08.2022 14.45%. Drawdown 30.93%

Other ways the system has been ranked.
1000 + (ATR(100)/C);

Advice on ranking to have a nice weekend trend system or anything else relevant will be appreciated.

Then someone replied saying the below.

I'm ranking with 1/ATR(50) on a universe of RUA and price filter of C > 1

Actually I am using a combination of 1/ATR(50) and 1/C.... I have an MAR of 0.66

(multiple * 1/ATR(50) + (multiple * 1/C)

Honestly I'm not sure that too much higher in MAR is robustly achievable...

Edit....I just found an error in my code

I have a MAR of 0.86 so it is possible...give that combination a go and see how it works for you.

Does that make sense?

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