$TICK $ADD and Market profile data backtesting

Does Amibroker have the option to backtest data based on the $TICK and $ADD (advance/decline), or the Market Volume Profile market indicators? If not how do you manually add these data and indicators onto the software ?


If you have the Data, AmiBroker can work with it. Check out the “Foreign Functions” in the User’s Guide.

As I am not sure what the Market Volume Profile market indicators are, I can’t comment specifically on them. But again, if you have the data (of the data required for the calculation of the indicators) AmiBroker can work with it.

Hope that Helps.

The functionality to build the advance/decline line is built into Amibroker.

There is also an ADLine function you can use. Also see here:

For $TICK, you’d need Tick level data for the stocks, then you could construct it by looking at the change from the last tick and using either static variables or a composite to aggregate it.