Tick data trading

I hv 6.35.1 version
I m trading vwap based afl
Want to trade FUTURES segment by it in 2 tick chart
Stretagy can show normal buy sell signals in chart visually but when it fires trades via internetopenurl()
it fires 20..50 signals simulteniously
This happens only when i use TICK as BASE TIME INTERVAL in database settings
Such things not happen when i use 1 min or more as base time interval
Can u hv any solution for this when afl only fires only 1 trade rather than 20..50 trades when triggered...?
Note- im using afl since 3 months in 1 min candle for trading ,its non repainting ...


It sounds like you have multiple issues, but there's no detail in your post.

It would be helpful if you followed the advice on How to ask a good question - Announcements & Discussions / Site Feedback - AmiBroker Community Forum, so that the forum has a better idea of how to help you.