TickCounter for Tick chart on AmiBroker

I use Tick chart on AmiBroker.
I find difficult to know when a new bar will be created.
Anybody can help me to do that on AmiBroker?

In Tick chart, every tick is created as it arrives.
Do you mean Range charts ? You need to define the tick size for each symbol.

For an instance, I use 33-Tick chart.
Each 33 transactions will create a bart for this chart.
So, is there any way to use AFL to know when a new bar will be creating?(maybe at this time we have 30 transactions for example, but I don’t know how to know how many currently transactions we have)

I know what a tick chart is, you didn't say 33-Tick Chart, you said tick chart, which by default meant 1 tick chart to me.

It seems this Topic is a duplicate from here

Thanks Travick.
Is there any possible way to do this countdown for the 33-tick chart anyway?
Or how can I calculate the current transactions of the current bar?

My data source inform number of ticks in Aux1. Check with them if this information is available for you

My datasource is Metastock format. I'm not able to see the info.