Ticker Box empty after upgrade to 6.40.2

After I upgraded from 6.38 to 6.40.2, the Ticker Box is empty (see screenshot). I performed an "Upgrade" installation where AmiBroker is installed under the default "C:\Program Files\AmiBroker" directory. I have rebooted the PC and tried the upgrade installation 3 times, but to no avail. Windows 10 21H2.

There are no tickers in the drop down list either.

Are there any settings or registry value to check and verify. I prefer not to do a complete uninstall and reinstall, but I will if no other solution.



seems to work for me. I also did an upgrade yesterday. Did you run the registration key?

For the 64 version that is ABReg64.exe


I had not run the registration key to try to fix it. However I just ran the registration key now, but it did not fix it.
Thanks for the idea. Much appreciated.

UPDATE: This only happens when you have customized ticker bar from old versions.

Confirmed way of FIXING THE ISSUE:

Go to Tools->Customize and RESET Ticker Bar:


After that, close AmiBroker and re-open it.


Thanks Tomasz,
View->Refresh All, did not work in my case.
However, Reset Ticker Bar, close and re-open Amibroker did work in my case.

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In my setup with 4k display i recognize "Ticker Combobox" is shrinking the Symbollist, "Interval Combobox" does not. AB v6.39.1 and v6.40.0 does not have this behavior with 4k display, "Ticker Combobox" is working correct...

@Tomasz : Thank you for this great new release !



Please accept my Greetings for Happy New Year - to All of Us.
And for the Nice New Release.

I had also faced the same behaviour - However, thought that it would be more appropriate to report it after the New Year Weekend is over.

So much happy to confirm that "Reset Ticker Bar, close and re-open Amibroker" did work for me also - (It is mid-night here - right now) - but could not wait to test the solution and then confirm it here.

Really very much happy - and wish everybody the same.


Sanjiv Bansal


I have done some more testing and it seems only to occur when symbol combo box in ticker bar was CUSTOMIZED (resized) using previous versions. The UI library then attempts to load "old" customized toolbar. RESETTING Ticker toolbar as previously explained fully fixes this issue as it removes old customization "leftovers" from that bar.

Moreover: apparently on 4K screens list item height wasn't changed as compared to lower resolution screens. This will be addressed in next update.