Ticker Toolbar Customization

Up until now I have been able to customize the Ticker toolbar without a problem using "Customize" to control the size of the toolbar which was automatically saved when Amibroker was closed. Now I can still change the size of the toolbar but it is not saved and when Amibroker is reopened the default toolbar is displayed. The three images below show the "Initial", "Expanded" and "Reopened" Ticker toolbar. Reinstalling the program did not change this behavior. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong and how to correct it?




Customizations are saved in Windows registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TJP\Broker) and in Broker.exe-CommandBars51 file.

If changes to UI are not kept, something on your computer prevents writing to registry and/or this file. It may be that file is read only, or you are using paranoid antivirus that prevents writing to registry, or you are using limited user account without rights to write to registry.

It appears to be the Broker.exe-CommandBars51 file. I delete it, opened AB, changed the toolbar, closed AB, opened AB and the toolbar size was unchanged. The file must have been corrupted.

Thanks for the guidance.