Tiingo Back Adjusted Historical Closes


I am using AmiQuote and not able to get back adjusted closes from Tiingo.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I attached TSLA chart as and example.

Did you change the "FROM" date and re-downloaded data? If split occurs, you need to re-download entire history for particular symbol (or use Symbol->Split).

New information:

I was able to change the max allowed from this screen:


Then I was able to download the entire history of TSLA as shown here but still split adjustment did not happen.


Additional information:

when I had the close ad open prices transposed, nothing fixed the issue until I changed the daily format from: Date_YMD,Open,High,Low, Close,Volume
to : Date_YMD,Close,High,Low,Open,Volume
This matched the order of the price data in the downloaded comma delimited file.

So following the same logic (and since adjusted closes are in the sane file I modified the daily format to: Date_YMD,adjClose,adjHigh,adjLow,adjOpen,adjVolume
which were the same names appeared in the downloaded data but I got the following error


forgot to add this screenshot where the daily format is shown:


Hello Tomasz, thank you for your response.

I did what you suggested about the importing the entire data. First, Amiquote did not let me go far enough as shown in the image attached. Second, even with the max allowable data, no adjustment occurred. Please see attached. Thank you.

Amiquote From Date will be adjusted to max allowable range

Amiquote downlaoded all available TSLA closes and yet no adjusting happend

You are using it wrong.

You have added Tiingo as user-source (you should not do that) and your format definition is wrong.

Tiingo IS NOT user-defined source. It is BUILT-IN. You should use BUILT-IN option:


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