Tiingo Database Setup

Hi; I'm having problems setting up Tiingo as my data source. I want to use Tiingo Current Data. I did the setup in AmiQuote and I can see the updates happening there. It appears one quote got into AmiBroker but subsequent data is not being updated. Please see the attached screen shots of the database setup and AB setup.

Would you please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks!!

AB1|690x388 AB2

Here is the other screen shot that didn't load with the original post.AB2

Oops - wrong second file. Here it is.AB1

Maybe this help

Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I understand there is no historical data with Tiingo. I'm only trying to get the CURRENT data displayed in AmiBroker. As you will see, I have this setup I think correctly but the data is not showing up in AmiBroker. Can you help me figure out why? Many thanks!

Weel, I do not use Tingo, but you explicity ask for Daily EOD data to Amiquote, so I think you need to set your database interval to EOD and not 1 minute.

Again, thanks awilson for your help.

I am definitely trying to get real time data, 1 minute updates, from Tiingo, not EOD. I think I have that setup in AmiQuote correctly (Tiingo.com Current) is selected with a 1 minute update. Also, in the Amibroker database, I have it set up as Base Time Interval as 1 minute.

So to confirm you note, should I be setting the Amibroker database as EOD and not 1 minute? Thanks !!!!

As I said before, I do not use Tingo and do not know if they have historical intraday data. What I'm pretty sure is that if Amiquote ir retrieving EOD data you definetly should create a databse with interval set to EOD. What you will probably see is a daily chart and the last candle wil change for each update Amiquote receives from tingo

Thanks! I'm definitely trying to get intraday data from Tiingo not EOD.

Is there someone out there doing this and can help me set up the database correctly?

See if that gets you going. Remember seeing an announcement for IEX through tingo. Remember that it’s just from the IEX exchange not the consolidated tape.

Hi DonGordon, Have you gotten it working? I just tried the tiingo IEX too. It seems the downloading is working and I got 10000 bars for each symbol as shown on AmiQuote. But on AmiBroker it still says Not enough data available. I even tried creating a new database specifically for this but it's the same issue. Any help is appreciated.