Tiingo Historical EOD [China, Shenzhen:300xxx]

Hi all,

I'm a first time user of Amiquote (4.10, 64bit) [with.. Source: Tiingo.com Historical (EOD,stocks,funds..)] trying to download China stock data (Tickers: Shanghai,600xxx; Shenzhen,300xxx and some others). I created a list of tickers (.TLS) from Tiingo's "supported_tickers.zip" file (incl all SHE, SHG exch tickers). I did not use Symbol Translation (should I ?) table as symbols/tickers with data available appeared to download ok (AQ download showed "Status: Imported & Size: non 0 bars"; also bars available seem to match Yahoo charts). I could download >95%+ of Shanghai tickers (exceptions I assumed/attributed to suspended, delisted etc?).
Problem is I can't seem to download Shenzhen exchange (tickers: 300xxx) data beyond just 9 symbols (300001-300014), the rest show "Imported" but no bars.

Desktop: Win10 / AB 6.20 (x64)

Can anyone offer some suggestions for what I may have overlooked or gone about the wrong way ? Any help much appreciated - thanks in advance

rgds, jack

Have also read @kzliao your previous posting - https://forum.amibroker.com/t/amiquote-translation-table-issue/5883: "Please ignore my post. I got it to work. The order of inputing information is important to make it work." Can you kindly elaborate what "order of inputing information" means? thanks very much

Here are a few lines in my translation table for Tiingo as example:
000026.SZ, 000026
000100.SZ, 000100
000157.SZ, 000157
000333.SZ, 000333
000513.SZ, 000513
000526.SZ, 000526

  1. Did you ask Tiingo support if they have China stocks at all? Tiingo is not Yahoo. Their offerings are different.
  2. Don't put any spaces anywhere in the translation table. It must be

Thanks very much for the sample so we do need to use the translation table after all ? Ok I will try it when I get home later today - appreciate it

Yes, Tiingo does support China stocks. I have been using it for a while now.

Tomasz yes I’ve sent an email to tiingo support to confirm if they offer them - support is only extended to corporate/paying customers though