Tiingo IEX Intraday data maximum number of bars

Hi, I have started to use Tiingo since the release of Amiquote 4.0, and I have a question regarding Tiingo intraday IEX data. Rsingh from Tiingo says that it is possible to get intraday data from 2017, but in Amiquote I am only retrieving the maximum of 2000 of hourly bars, which is aproximately one year.
My amibroker database settings are ok, the amiquote supported intervals settings are ok, but i can only retrieve with a max. cap of 2000 intraday bars.
Anyone has any clue please?

Hi @malierta

Have you tried explicitly setting the "To" date:


The reason is that there is a 2,000 bar limit but its anchored to the "To" date.

So if you want earlier data, you can set it the "To:" date to October 5th, 2017.

Can you try setting the "From" date to: October 2nd, 2017 and the "To" date to October 5th, 2017. Let me know if that works

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yes, you are right, when i try your settings I get 27 hourly bars, so the data is there to retrieve, what I would like to know is if I can break the 2000 limit using TODAY in the "to" date
thanks Rishi for your support

at the moment, I can get 2 years of intraday data by doing 2 independent retrievals, each one of 2000 daily bars (one year each)

so I guess that I need to do 2 retrievals to get all the data, the old one only needs to be done once a day so it is not a great trouble


Well it depends on the resolution. If you want 1 minute data, then you need to program a historical moving look back window for each symbol. I.e., many more "historical windows" to download.

The issue is solved, now the maximum number of intraday bars that can be retrieved is 5000 bars.