Tiingo intraday quote import

Just signed up for Tiingo quotes, EOD works great but don't see how to import intraday quotes (Tiingo account indicates they are available to me).

Please advise

Intraday in Tiingo terminology means CURRENT quote - i.e. daily OHLC quotes plus "Last" quote updated during the day.

They do not have intraday historical data.

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Current is what I am looking for. I believe my account at Tiingo supports this but do not see how to activate in AmiBroker?


Switch data source to Tiingo Current. You need AmiQuote 3.29 for that.

Thanks, but I don't find AQ 3.29 available on the site???


AmiQuote 3.29 is only included with AmiBroker 6.28. Tiingo current is available in 3.29 and 3.28 released earlier: AmiQuote 3.28 (BETA) is released now

Thank you for the info and especially for your quick response.


Does tingo provide quotes for equity indexes, $SPX, $NDX, $RUT, $VIX ?

Tiiingo said that they provide intraday data by IEX, how can we connect to that thing in amibroker ?

Hi @kadalbitit - just set your data provider to "Tiingo Current" in AmiQuote and it will get the latest market snapshot throughout the day.

Yup, but it isnt show me data in timeframe hours or 15 minutes,.. is IEX provide data in that timeframe ? @Rishi_at_tiingo

I tried to update OHLC data for US symbols using Tiingo Current , but nothing is getting updated. But when I am using Tiingo EOD, quote is getting updated. Is Tiingo Current discontinued?

Hi @saritguha ,

Tiingo Current is not discontinued. Can you shoot us an E-mail at support@tiingo.com with your username/E-mail? We can run tests on our end and see if we can help :slight_smile:

Tiingo currently provides inter-day historical data back 180 days as a premium subscriber. Ami Quote seems to provide only 2 options for Tiingo data download. end of day historical or current day inter-day. How do I download the historical inter-day day available as a premium user?
Thanks, Fred

That is something on the to do list :slight_smile:

Thanks Tomasz, this is wonderful!!!!
Any time frame for this enhancement?
Thanks, Fred

Because Tiingo is not currently providing data for the indexes, is there another way to add and update those without affecting the Tiingo data?

You can download Tiingo IEX historical intraday with AmiQuote 4.0 or higher. Tiingo IEX intraday is provided as user-definable data source.

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Dear Tomasz,

Thank you for making AQ available for us so that we can conveniently enjoy datasource like Tiingo IEX intrady. I usemacbook pro running window10, AB6.20 and AQ4.05 and the intraday historical data download was working ok until few days back. The error message originally in Chinese, in AQ after a few retry to download the data is essentially "security channel support error".

I checked with Tiingo support and they have recently updated their s/w to obsolete TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 support on May06. They suspect that i was running very old software and suggested me to upgrade my .NET. I subsequently download .NET v4.8 but it failed to installed and gave a message saying I already have the latest .NET framework installed.

Tiingo said it is beyond what they can do and suggest me to contact AB support for help. I appreciate your guidance and help on this matter.

Thank you very much.

I just tried Tiingo Intraday IEX with AmiQuote 4.06 today (May 9) and it all worked fine.


If you get error messages in Chinese they are not coming from AmiQuote but from either the server or from something in the middle (like Proxy or VPN).