Tiingo OHLC Data transposed

Hi There,
First time user of Tiingo. Ticker data was downloaded successfully. However, on the chart, close prices are showing open prices. What could be wrong? thank you.

P.S. ASCII importer options
Daily format: Date_YMD,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume

Do you import that manually? Use AmiQuote instead and built-in importer. Also change the Tiingo download option to CSV.


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Hello Tomasz,

Thank you very much that worked and I have two follow up questions please.

(1) how can I make sure that I am pulling the adjusted close? where in Amibroker that I can set that up.

(2) I used to use Norgate until last week when it expired, and now I replaced it with Tiingo. Should I create a new database or continue using the same database I had for Norgate?

Once again, thank you very much.

*I have seen you have created new topic with very same question. DO NOT do that. *

As to questions:

  1. They are adjusted. You don't need to do anything
  2. Just change data source to "(local database)"

Thank you Tomasz and sorry again about this honest mistake.

For Q2, from which menu do I switch to a local database?

File->Database Settings menu

Thank you Sir.

Is there any downside from staying on the same database containing Norgate data. My reason for that is to continue using the same watch lists but not sure if there is any caveats to this approach. Any thought on this. Much appreciated.

As a follow up to my question above, when I switched to a local database I still see charts populated with data the must be coming form the historical Norgate data I had from earlier. Not sure what am I missing. I thought a local database that has not been used before would have no data. Any clarification will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Data are NOT coming from Norgate once you switched to (local database).

Please DO read the manual:

Entire tutorial is MUST-READ for every newcomer


I have written 1000+ pages of instructions not for fun, but for USERS TO READ instructions. Once you read the tutorial you will know the answers for 99% of questions yourself.


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