Tiingo Price is adjusted?


Using Amibroker downloading Tiingo eod price is adjusted?
I have tried to download some symobls, i find there is aux1 data. What is it?

I find my answer.
Thx All

@chunwai, To help other users who may have the same or a similar question, can you share your answer, and where your found it.

That way if a new user actually uses the Search feature, they may find the answer here.

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I have look up the aqtc.format file, the downloaded price should be adjusted.
I have already paid their service, but i find many stock price is not accurated.

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Thanks for posting how you researched it.

So now you seem to have a Data issue (or at least a question). So now it will be time to talk with Tiingo directly.

@Rishi_at_tiingo is on this board as well, but probably best to contact Tiingo support directly.

Good Luck.

@chunwai, in the future, it will be better if you'll post your questions and/or share your experiences with Tiingo in the specific Data Sources / Tiingo category:


This will be a little step to better share with other forum users your views about the accuracy and reliability of the Tiingo data as an AmiBroker data provider.
By the way, it would be useful, to know what data you found that is not accurate, and what other data source you are using to make comparisons.

Hey all,

Thanks @chunwai

As mentioned in our initial E-mails, the Chinese equity data is not at the same level as US quite yet. For Chinese equity data we have one main provider, and for US equities we have 3-4. The benefit to having multiple is that each vendor makes mistakes and this way we can cross-compare vendors and use them to help improve accuracy.

We are in the processing of acquiring more Chinese data providers, and as mentioned in our original E-mails, I'm happy to give you free beta access to the Chinese data until we believe it is production ready. It should be ready in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Going forward you can post in the Tiingo AmiBroker category as I'm sure many will have the same questions, or E-mail me personally at rishi@tiingo.com. I try to check these boards but I'm not here as often as I am over E-mail :slight_smile:

Thanks so much

hi, Rishi.
This is Sam and we talked over the email on the same issue. Thanks for your reply to us!