Tiingo symbols download speed

I started using tiingo recently. It is a very good EOD data provider, as far as data quality, dividend adjustments and number of US stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

However, I am curious, with other tiingo users, what symbols download speed do you experience? Also, is it dependent on the day of week or time of the day?

My experience: downloading the 503 S&P 500 symbols takes about 20 minutes at 8PM PST.

Hi @stefans,

The speed should be much faster now (as of 10AM EST 2018-1-17). Because of this community and others, we started growing daily what we previously grew weekly. We've put in processes to scale and you should now be able to download these symbols incredibly quickly.

We are now going to monitor the speed more closely to make sure we can be quicker on our feet with these issues.

Thank you so much for inquiring and holding us up to a high standard :slight_smile:


Thank you @Rishi_at_tiingo for following up on this!
I just tested it now, at 12:40PM PST, and it looks super fast, the whole download of 503 symbols with 18 years of data for each was a bit over 2 mins, which is about 10X faster than what I had yesterday. In my opinion, this is a very, very good performance. I will test it again at my regular EOD hour of 5PM PST.