Tiingo unadjusted historical EOD data

I apologize if I ask a duplicate or illogical question, but I haven't found an answer in the forum. I am a new customer of Tiingo. I use Amiquote to download Tiingo historical EOD data. By default, I receive adjusted data. Is it possible to set (AB or AQ, ...) to download unadjusted tiingo data to the database? I already asked directly in Tiingo, their answer was that AB is a flexible tool and it should not be a problem to set it up.

Well thank you.

Hello Tomasz,
as I wrote in the post above, I would like to use only split adjusted data from Tiingo (Not adjusted for ordinary dividends).
I use Amiquote to download the data. I found your manual explaining how it is possible to change the data downloaded from Yahoo (split adjusted or split-and-dividend adjusted data)


I wondered if it would not be possible to edit Tiingo data in the same way (probably aqtc.format file). If yes, could you please share the process of how to edit this file to get the same result as described in the AmiQuote and free data from Yahoo.

Well thank you.

It is possible with Yahoo because it delivers BOTH adjusted and unadjusted (for dividends) prices in the very same file. Tiingo on the other hand delivers one set (adjusted).

Hello Tomasz,
thank you for your answer.
I came up with the solution for editing Tiingo data in the same way as Yahoo, because I also asked about the possibility of editing data directly in Tiingo, and according to their answer, they supply both data sets, and the change itself is a question of Amibroker. I am attaching a Tiingo answer + screenshots from the Tiingo web Tiingo AB Tiingo answer Tiingo web and AB , where both data sets are.
If I choose the Symbol / Quote Editor menu in the AB menu and I see both sets loaded, the unadjusted data are in the Aux1 column.
Could you please check it? Of course, if you as a creator of AB in Tiingo data you see that it is not possible to switch between split adjusted or split-and-dividend adjusted data, I understand that, but I think that if there were such an opportunity, many AB + Tiingo users would welcome it.

Thank you again.

OK, I forgot that indeed both data sets are also included in Tiingo.
If you want to get unadjusted data, change aqtc.format from

$FORMAT Date_YMD,Aux1,Skip,Skip,Skip,Skip,Close,High,Low,Open,Volume,Skip,Skip


$FORMAT Date_YMD,Close,High,Low,Open,Volume

Thanks for the info, I'm going to try it.

In the end, it didn't help me, because the data isn't adjusted for splits, and that's usable for me. Is it not possible to have the only splits adjusted data?
Thanks for the effort anyway.
Have a nice day.

As I wrote before, you can only download what is made available by Tiingo.
Currently it has only adjusted (for BOTH splits AND dividends) or unadjusted (for anything). Ask Tiingo if you want other options.

OK, i fully understand.