Tiingo - what is the best time of day to download in order to get dividend adjusted prices?

This is a question for tiingo:
I assume it takes some time between the market close, at 4PM EST and the release of EOD data for that day, which is adjusted for dividends. I do not rememer seeing on tiingo.com a daily data release bulletin - so I need to ask this question. The reason I download at about 8PM EST and not at 4PM EST daily is to allow for these adjustments to be included in the data. Could you please let me know?

Hey @stefans -

Prices are generally ready by 6PM EST. However, exchanges can send corrections until 8pm EST so we recommend people do multiple loads if it affects them.

For Mutual Funds we usually have all prices loaded in by 12AM.

You can reach out to us at support@tiingo.com as well - I don't frequent these forums as much and I figure these are for Amibroker related issues.


Thank you Rishi! This is all very helpful for AmiBroker users who moved to Tiingo from other data providers. You are right that I could have gone through company support to find out this data. However, I considered this info extremely relevant to every AmiBroker Tiingo user and important to come directly from the company as the most authorized source.

Good point! I just want to be careful not to spam the boards :slight_smile: Just want to be considerate

Glad this helps @stefans

@Rishi_at_tiingo don't worry all your answers were very useful for AmiBroker users. BTW: I created subcategory "Tiingo" under "Data sources" for better grouping of Tiingo-related content.