Time and Sales question x 2


I just started using the Time and Sales window and absolutely love the stats at the bottom of the widow. I assume it's using live data and no back fill. I've been messing around with getrtdata and have no experience in static variables. Reading the forums , I believe I need to turn a number into an array. I've seen some posts using trace or debugging as a log. a couple questions at this point.
Is there a quick way to plot a history those stats on a chart ? ( maybe a feature I missed )
( The 2nd question made the decision to put this on afk programming vs amibroker more apparent)
Any hints if I'm heading in the right direction as far as possible functions needed ?
Thank you for your time.

The statistics at the bottom of the Time and Sales window are indeed based on live data and do not include any backfill.

Regarding your first question, unfortunately, there is no built-in way to plot a history of those T&S stats on a chart. As for second question, you can use GetRTData to create a history of the stats displayed in the Time and Sales window, you will need to use static variables to store the values. You can then plot these values on a chart using the Plot function.

Thanks Tomasz , its a really cool those stats at the bottom . I'm trying to guess how they are calculated and recreate with a chart . Looks like some sort of moving average that goes up / down with the real time data.

Anyone seen any post that have any GetRTData plotted ? I am not sure how to compress real time data to a timed interval . Does it require a loop or case statement to turn a number into a time aligned array?
This post Persistent logger has some useful info.
Trace, and a log file seem like possible ideas, any other hints on where to invest the time?

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