Timeframe used in "code check & profile"

I noticed that my script runs much faster in the 1m timeframe (the database interval). When I switch to higher TimeFrames (5m, 15m 1H), the indicator runs much slower. So I tried to go into EDIT mode and examine the script through "code check & profile".

I am in 1m TimeFrame, "code check & profile" says I am using about 11500 bars and the script runs in about 0.11 sec. I switch to 5m TimeFrame, I go to EDIT, then "code check & profile". Again AB reports 11500 bars and the script runs in about 0.11 sec.

I thought I would see LESS BARS and a delay in the run time of the script. Why am I not seeing this?

I went though all the Options (Preferences). I could not locate some setting to change.

AFL execution time does NOT depend on timeframe. It depends on number of bars to process. The more bars to process - the more work is to do http://www.amibroker.com/guide/x_performance.html

Switching chart interval does NOT matter with regards to Editor.

As I explained many times Editor is completely independent from chart.
Code check feature always uses DB base time interval.

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Thanks for clearing this out.

I will try to place GetPerformanceCounter() commands to see where the script delays, when I am on higher TimeFrame with less bar.