TimeFrameCompress not using RTH/ETH?


I have above intraday database setting to match futures market

With code below, I attempt to get open of the day

DayO = TimeFrameCompress( O, inDaily, compressOpen );
DayO = TimeFrameExpand( DayO, inDaily, expandFirst );
printf("%f\n", DayO);

What I have observed is that new day calculation does not start with 18:00, but with 00:00.

2020/11/28 11:59pm, open price 12771.75 (lower left interpretation window)

2020/11/29 00:00, open price 12866 (lower left interpretation window)

Is there a setting I need to invoke to have AFL use RTH/ETH set in intraday settings?

Found the answer right after I submit the question. Enable "Day/Night session time as defined above solves the issue.


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