TimeFrameSet Error

I am trying to set the time frame to 10 minutes by using the code below. Somehow, it is not returning any result in the explorer. Can someone please help me in rectifying the same?


AND C>((H-L)*0.5)+L
AND TimeNum() == 092459);


Check that out. The forum search is pretty good . This topic pops up a lot.

Google as well for Amibroker issues.

Amibroker “ your question” and 99% of time the topic has been covered. Usually get a link to knowledge base, this forum, or manual.

Also make sure if you see the orange block of text to pay attention.

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My data vendor has the following time stamps:
5 mins = 09:19:59, 09:24:59...
10 mins = 09:19:59, 09:29:59...
The problem is that they have reduced the first 10 minute bar into a 5 minute bar.
So, can I change the first 10 minute bar into 2 5 minute bars or with a timestamp of 09:24:59 ?

Bit confused. Why not just set timeframe to 5 minutes if you have 5 minute bar data.

Your data vendor timestamps are INCORRECT (forward looking). See: http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2014/10/25/how-to-correct-forward-looking-timestamps/