To retreive AUX1 in Intraday from Daily EOD data


I am using Amibroker 6.20.1.

I have a database which has both EOD and Intraday data.

I am storing values in AUX1 field in EOD data. Aux1 contains either 0 or 1. I am running this AFL in the intraday time frame. I am switching over the timeframe from intraday to Daily using TimeframeSet function and then restoring it later. I am expecting ISBANNED array to have 1 Since AUX1 have value 1 in an EOD data. Please help. Am I doing anything wrong ? Or how to refer the AUX1 value which is in daily data in my Intraday?

TimeFrameSet( inDaily );
ISBANNED = TimeFrameExpand(ISBANNED, inDaily, expandFirst);


Same behavior for even Volume array. Basically, I want to get data from EOD when using in lower time frames.

Volume data for compressed daily bar is not single record but SUM of all volumes from records coming from given day. Each of OHLCV fields is compressed differently. High contains highest value, low - lowest, close - last, volume contains sum. The way how Aux fields are compressed is definable in File->Database Settings->Intraday Settings.

Thanks, Tomasz, Got it. Is it possible to access EOD data from lower timeframe? Refer the screenshot. I have both EOD and Intraday data in a single database. I am writing an exploration/backtesting code which is running in lower timeframe.