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As i have been to this community since 2 years .I have gained a lot but still the knowledge is just like drop in ocean .The Amibroker is one one piece of Ferrrari to ride in this space of statistics instrument .But here lies one obstacle the knowledge and that is the power of knowledge to ride it and that is programming. There are so many wizards of maths (eg Mr Tomasz ,Beppe,,Fxshrat )with a lot of programming skills they can teach with paid up classes then as myself shall be fruitful with the knowledge and( One thing for sure please dont ask to go and guide through the books and videos).
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I write the math that I want out in my head and then on the screen as an afl. I get code snippets from other afls that have been shared by many. The rest, I do myself. The big deal to me is getting ideas by talking with others and by forums like this one. We have several groups here in Dallas that spend time teaching members how to fish (trade) so they can fish (trade) themselves. So, ideas pop up and I write code to match and test the idea. Others in the group do so as well. Most idea don't pan out but some do. Also, it helps if one is good with math. Getting good grades in Algebra I and II would help. Orm just working hard with someone that does well with mathematics or even engineering. To me, the key is having a local group to join, meet with and share ideas with.

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Sir i agree with your point But I said earlier about Amibroker it is one of the best because "we can make more complex a problem i.e how about a linear regression about an average(5,10,15 ) etc or an ADX there are lot but with Amibroker its really a simple thing .But ridding it is really hard than visualising because of programming knowledge that is my opinion .I have gained a lot with visual but it shall be more expected that by writing the code as many of of forum member here do.

And one thing for sure not every mathematician are wizards :no_mouth: