Toggle 24 Hr instead of going into settings

I have an intraday database with IQ Feed data. Sometimes I want to see the chart with the afterhours (for instance early in the day when I’m prepping) but once the day starts I don’t want to see the after hours data any longer. Is there a way to add a toggle button somewhere on the chart to switch this w/o having to go into database settings?

Functionality exists in AmiBroker's toolbar.
Open the "Add/Remove Buttons" menu from the zoom and interval buttons toolbar the same way as seen in the 7th picture from the top

Simply activate one of the four marked (or any other) buttons via single mouse click. If one of those is checked then they will be part of AmiBroker toolbar to be used from there. (Each button can be moved to somewhere else via customization mode Tools->Customize.)

Thanks. Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.